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About The Artist

In 2008, I signed up for a mosaic workshop in Baltimore, Maryland and fell in love with a new medium.  I have been artistically focused from a very early age and in Maryland it became stained glass mosaics.  I have been creating stained glass mosaics in multiple formats from mirrors to furniture and wall art, however, my focus changed to landscapes upon moving to Maine. I was, and still am thunderstruck by the natural beauty surrounding me at every turn, and recently I have added oils and acrylics to the mix.  My techniques in glass have morphed from glass and grout on wood into a stacked glass process to add depth and colors with additional layers. 

Many of my glass landscapes are framed without backing so that the colors become enhanced and transformed with backlighting. 


The techniques with painting, however, are somewhat influenced by aging and loss of clear vision, so that I find myself composing more of a feeling rather than a distinct representation.  In both, however, I experiment melding light, color, texture and layers to drive my compositions. 


In addition to frequent commissions, my landscapes have been featured in several locations in the Lakes Region of Maine where I live, including the Artisans Exchanges, Gallery 302, the Bittersweet Barn, Scout, Dog on the Porch, Caron & Company, Handmade Maine, the Rufus Porter Museum, and 

The Mainely Gallery in Belfast.   

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